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Ari supplies a solid, creative and melodic function to any musical endeavor in which he finds himself. He began his musical career in New York City in 2006, and has since established himself as a go-to bass player for a wide array of music, both on upright and electric bass.

Ari is a founding member of Aabaraki - an acclaimed indie-soul group affiliated with Rockwood Music Hall Records. He juggles a busy schedule supporting many singer/songwriters, jazz, experimental and world musicians in the New York area and beyond. Included in this list are Avante-Latin group Gato Loco, which records for the German jazz label Winter and Winter, and singer/songwriter Lynette Williams.

As a former bassist for Grammy-winning French guitarist, Stephane Wrembel, Ari is well-versed in the French Gypsy Jazz repertoire and has firmly established himself as a top purveyor of this style of bass. Past stints include touring with renowned trumpeter/vocalist Jennifer Hartswick, recording and performing with pianist Sam Barsh, studio recordings for rapper Angel Haze, collaboration with experimental guitarist Mike Gamble and drummer Bobby Previte as well as performance art pieces centered around experimentation with solo bass and effects.


Selected Discography

The Emancipation
Album art for The Emancipation by Aabaraki
Album art for Aabaraki by Aabaraki
Gato Loco
Gato Loco
Album art for Gato Loco by Gato Loco
Gato Loco
Album art for Coconino by Gato Loco
Stephane Wrembel
Terre De Holmes
Album art for Terre Des Hommes by Stephane Wrembel
Yiddish Princess
Yiddish Princess
Album art for Yiddish Princess by Yiddish Princess
Jennifer Snowden
In My Own Company
Album art for In my own company by Jennifer Snowden
Darius Schneider
Talking Strings
Album art for Talking Strings by Darius Schneider
Zach Lucas
It's Not About You
Album art for It's Not about you by Zach Lucas
Scott Barkan
Little Days
Album art for Little Days by Scott Barkan
Sam Barsh
I Forgot What You Taught Me
Album art for I forgot what you taught me by Sam Barsh
Ari playing bass Ari playing bass Ari playing bass
Ari playing bass Ari playing bass